Saturday Wedding day!

So, this past saturday I gathered all of my things and traveled to my clients instead of them coming to me. I did three formal styles and just a simple blow-out. First, I did the bride’s hair, and the matron of honor as well. Then I did the mother of the bride and her friend. All-in-all I had great reactions toward my abilities as a formal stylist. That is always good for the ‘ol ego! Lol. So, brides….If you are looking for a stylist that will cater to a whole wedding party. Be it at a hotel, in someone’s home, or even if you do want to do things at my shop, just let me know. Weddings are definitely something I have extensive experience in.

Its always a good idea to book hair and or makeup at least 3 months in advance to ensure things go smoothly on your big day! I am also a makeup artist and am experienced as a freelance artist (mainly working for Benefit) and so those are the products I use mostly. Your makeup can be scheduled along with your hair appointments to ensure 1-stop shopping for your wedding day.

I’d love to consult with any brides in the dayton are that are looking for a stylist or a team of stylists to help with the wedding party! The more we can plan in advance, the better. Its always good for the bride to be able to come in before her wedding to do a dry-run style. That way it alleviates a lot of worries. (937)668-3569 is the number to call for an appointment.

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