Its a great day to work at A Cut 2 Dye 4!

So, today was a day for “902”. Gosh I adore this color! Its a high-lift color or a toner! I love that it doubles as both. You can achieve some majorly difficult things with this color! Definitely, it rocks as a toner. Mix it with 0-lift to maximize your level of toning (when dealing with anyone around a level 7-9) and with 10 volume to tone a platinum blonde! It is so stunning. I have been every shade of blonde known to man….and this toner worked the best when I was going for that highly-coveted platinum, ash blonde.

Also, it is amazing high-lift or grey-coverage. Use it with blonding cream for an extra level of lift, or by itself. I promise that it will leave you with a butter-cream blonde that is neither too brassy nor too ash.

Blondes do have more fun!!!! Especially when an excellent product is used by a stylist that knows what they’re doing!

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