I enrolled at Carousel Beauty College (God rest it’s soul), way back in 2001, at the ripe old age of 19. I graduated with a Management “full” Cosmetology Degree, at the end of 2002.

I immediately began paying my dues at a mostly walk-in based salon, the Ohio Styling Company, (God rest it’s soul ALSO), where I worked for less than a year. This is also when I decided that mass production hair wasn’t a good fit for me, and sought out a full-sevice salon and spa, where I could build a loyal client base, providing welcomed experience in diverse techniques, rather than limiting my craft to time-capped hair cuts and the occasional, impulsive, cap highlight.

My search landed me at a salon called ARTI Beauty Spa, (God rest it’s soul. Notice a trend?). This is where I remained for 10 years, learning the trade, in real time, and accumulating critical experience in coloring, highlighting, color correction, cutting techniques, and perhaps most importantly, learning trade secrets from very talented senior stylists and experienced colleagues, who have remained lifelong friends.

In early 2010, after 10 years developing my base clientele, I made the leap from employee, to business owner, and began leasing my own private salon suite, at Salon Ventures in Beavercreek. This time, however, their business remains very much alive and well, after my decennial relocation in October of 2019. This time, though, making an upward move to remain, not only in full control of my business, but my business dwelling also.