As far as trendy Balayage and free form hair painting services go,  I’ve fixed more than just a few botched heads of hair, belonging to customers that thought a “good” Balayage was an easy thing to come by.  By the time it is all said and done, repairing someone else’s cheap work, yet still giving them the hair they originally wanted, is a VERY tall order.  And… it can be an expensive one, too.  Suffice it to say that this isn’t the best time to cut corners!  I should mention, also, that I’ve managed to salvage a few “DIY” balayage faux pas, over the years as well, but most people know when they’re in way over their heads (no pun intended).

Do your research, and make sure that you are sitting in the chair of a colorist that will be attentive during your consultation.  And…don’t be afraid to ask for pictures!  If you aren’t absolutely positive that he or she can give you what you want, have her direct you to her social media page, so you can’t put your concerns to rest!  Any good stylist will be happy to show you her work.  You can find mine on Facebook, at A Cut 2 Dye 4, and on Instagram @acut2dye4.  You can also search Instagram using the hashtags, #acut2dye4 #iarthair

Price Comparison to local salons.

service Square One Mark Phillips Bellazio Regis A Cut 2 Dye 4

Cut and style 49.00 30.00+ 40-48.00+ 35.00 30.00

Shampoo/style 38.00 20.00+ 30.00+ 25.00 20.00

formal style 72.00 55.00+ 55.00+ 65.00 50.00

full highlight 90.00+ from 67.00 90.00+ 90.00 65.00

Pricing. You really think I’m expensive??lol

So….. I have a great idea to show the world how sometimes just because you pay a lot, it doesn’t mean that you get a lot, but just because someone is cheap, doesn’t mean its worth it either! I know that was two ways of saying the exactly the same thing….but I feel that people need to be reminded of this.
I do get slightly irritated when people say that I am on the pricey side, so I am promising right now, to gather as many different salon menus and post a price comparison.
I won’t compare apples and oranges, so to speak. I will find out what type of color is being used and find salons that are using products of comparable quality to mine. You will find, I’m sure, that my prices are, in fact on the lower end, considering the quality of product and the years experience I have.
Be on the look out soon for my pricing post! I will name salons specifically so everyone knows I’m not fabricating information. lol. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Saturday Wedding day!

So, this past saturday I gathered all of my things and traveled to my clients instead of them coming to me. I did three formal styles and just a simple blow-out. First, I did the bride’s hair, and the matron of honor as well. Then I did the mother of the bride and her friend. All-in-all I had great reactions toward my abilities as a formal stylist. That is always good for the ‘ol ego! Lol. So, brides….If you are looking for a stylist that will cater to a whole wedding party. Be it at a hotel, in someone’s home, or even if you do want to do things at my shop, just let me know. Weddings are definitely something I have extensive experience in.

Its always a good idea to book hair and or makeup at least 3 months in advance to ensure things go smoothly on your big day! I am also a makeup artist and am experienced as a freelance artist (mainly working for Benefit) and so those are the products I use mostly. Your makeup can be scheduled along with your hair appointments to ensure 1-stop shopping for your wedding day.

I’d love to consult with any brides in the dayton are that are looking for a stylist or a team of stylists to help with the wedding party! The more we can plan in advance, the better. Its always good for the bride to be able to come in before her wedding to do a dry-run style. That way it alleviates a lot of worries. (937)668-3569 is the number to call for an appointment.

Private weekend wedding

So, this weekend I’m going to do a private wedding party’s hair. I’m traveling to them so that they can do all sorts of “girly” bonding things! Mimosas, makeup, yacking back and forth……you know…all the things girls do when a bunch of them that have know eachother for ever get together! Its so fun to be a part of, especially when the bride is your long-time client! So, this should be good fun! It will give me just enough time to run home, get myself ready and dressed and get my butt back to attend the ceremony! I’ll try to upload some pictures of some awesome wedding hair!

Its a great day to work at A Cut 2 Dye 4!

So, today was a day for “902”. Gosh I adore this color! Its a high-lift color or a toner! I love that it doubles as both. You can achieve some majorly difficult things with this color! Definitely, it rocks as a toner. Mix it with 0-lift to maximize your level of toning (when dealing with anyone around a level 7-9) and with 10 volume to tone a platinum blonde! It is so stunning. I have been every shade of blonde known to man….and this toner worked the best when I was going for that highly-coveted platinum, ash blonde.

Also, it is amazing high-lift or grey-coverage. Use it with blonding cream for an extra level of lift, or by itself. I promise that it will leave you with a butter-cream blonde that is neither too brassy nor too ash.

Blondes do have more fun!!!! Especially when an excellent product is used by a stylist that knows what they’re doing!

Prelude to a lifetime of entertaining blogs!

Okay……so I’m going to ask a serious question: “Why do we all want what we don’t have?”. It is so difficult to submit to the fact that we will never have something. The more we tell ourselves its unattainable, the more we convince ourselves that we need it.

Apply this to any facet of life. We see something we can’t afford, we gotta have it. There’s always a nicer, faster, more luxurious car etc……you get the point. Its perhaps worse when it comes to changing one’s appearance, because it has become possible to change it relatively simply. Plastic surgery, makeup, the gym (perhaps the only productive option named), and hair. Yes…..this is a blog related to my “hair” business………so….this brings me to my point.

On almost a daily basis, I have a client in my chair that is struggling with what god gave them; they have untamable curl, or its stick straight and they hate it. Or….its naturally coal black, and they wanna be a platinum blonde……or vise versa. Lets face it, if we were (any of us), happy with what we had, we’d all be walking around with mousy brown, or grey, lifeless hair down to our butts. And for those of us who aren’t mormon…well, thats just not an option. (not intending to offend any of my mormon readers…. though, plentiful they are, I’m sure). Some of us just have way higher expectations than others.

I think hairdressers as well as clients need to learn to put a foot down.First things first. If you are a stylist, and you sort of know that your client’s request is a pipe dream, well, its your obligation to the client to say something! If you proceed, the wrath of the client is going to be far worse than it would be if you’d just say “no”!

And clients, true enough, you can always find some money-hungry thief that will do what you’re asking……but why??? If a professional has a real doubt about fulfilling your request, don’t you think thats valid???? If you are in the person’s chair and you don’t trust their opinion, maybe you’re in the wrong chair. If you are convinced that your stylist is way off-base and your request is not so far left field that it can’t be done, then you clearly don’t trust your stylist and their capabilities, and it’s more than fair on your part to search for another. You have no “obligation” to be with a stylist all the way from prom to the funeral home.

In closing, I just feel like I need to say this: If you like “radical” hair, (and I do very much), find a capable stylist, #1. Secondly, take a step back if that person suggests that your request is undoable…or advises against it. Think about their warnings. Just try to be objective. These people did, after all, go to school to do what they do…..and actually, most of us make a decent living at it. And lastly, If you have a crazy request that your stylist executes, well….by all means…..go for it!!! Be amazed at the fact that it was done, and how well, and enjoy having fun hair that is different all the time! Life is way too boring for mousy brown, waist-length hair!!!!!!