I have 2 specials going on right now! The first is the “referral special“. It is for all clients! If you refer anyone at all, (the person has to tell me who sent them, obviously), I will give you 10% off your next total. And, there’s no limit, which means, in theory, you could refer 10 people for any service and get a free color and cut!

The 2nd special is all about pre-booking. If you pre-book 4 consecutive appointments five weeks apart, and show up for all of them, the 4th appointment is half price. The appointments have to be all for the same service. (For example, you can not do 3 cut appointments and get a half price color.) The 1st 3 appointments must also include color.

I hope these specials make it easier for everyone to get their hair done, and schedule things in advance!

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